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  • No I like playing on the Battlefield 4 servers a lot that I came across, always looking for more people to play with. ATR gamers seems like a lot of cool guys to play with so far. Jared No jens111 jenspug/dovahkin I play a lot of games on xbox one and PC, I really like the Battlefield Series, I have played every one of them so far, I play league of legends some, The only clan I've been a part of is a Destiny Clan Kings of the Galaxy (I'm one of the Admins).

Im from the pacific northwest, I am 27 and since I was 21 I've had chronic fatigue syndrome. I write, blog, vlog, stream video games (would like to stream battlefield 4 on PC but need better ram/video card). I also have started a few businesses in the past, I reopened one recently (an affiliated supplement store).

I have an associate's degree (that I've never really used). I am disabled and unemployed for about a year now, so I have a lot of time on my hands. I am working on my writing, I am working on an ebook (more in the future I think), on CFS and other topics. I am also builiding my twitch following as well (I don't spam it really at all except via social media).

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alrighty, ya i just checked it out earlier, but that was right after I woke up, I tend to play kinda late, actually going to play soon :P 

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