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    • I have a few suggestions or rules(to be voted on) to help out with our adventures. They will help us stay organized and make the server fair for everyone.   Dino Ownership:   We currently have tamed dinos set to "Tribe owned, Tribe ridden" which means anyone in the tribe(with proper tribe levels) can ride or command it. Only admins can change the ride and command levels, Please get with us if you would like to change those values.   I have spoken with a few and came up with a great idea beyond tribe levels to control and organize our dinos by adding a "tags" to the dino name. Permission tags will be the first and then any names or modifier tags will follow. Below are some examples. Feel free to suggest same additions or changes.   Tags: [playername] = owned by playername, do not use or level unless that person is in the game and you have asked permission to use [use] = free to use and level, but return when done and do not claim as your own [free] = free to claim as your own and do what you please, or same as [use] [guard] = dino is set to aggressive/wonder/etc to protect base or other assets, do not use unless in danger [breed] = dino is being used for breeding, do not use or level up at all [note] = dino contains a note in inventory for other instructions or permissions, do not remove note   You can place things like health, stamina, weight, etc in the name to denote what you would like leveled by others. Ex: [use] weight,speed   Breeding:   I will be breeding dinos for better stats to give out. Feel free to join, help out, or do your own. If you end up taming a wild level 100+ dino, please create a note and keep in their inventory with the following info before leveling up the dino:   Start Level - Tamed Level + Plus levels ex: 120 - 179 + 59 Health Stamina Oxygen Food Weight Melee Damage Movement Speed   These are just a few I can think of. I can add to this and then pin in forums. Post below!    
    • Had a great time last night even though you're up to almost 2:30 a.m. Sent from my SM-G900V using ATR Gamers mobile app
    • Can I get there via house-boat? lol