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    ATR Gamers is a registered not for profit organization. All donations go to the cost of running our servers, websites, TeamSpeak, admin tools and events. We are officially recognized by the IRS as a 501 (c) (7) Social Club. You can trust that anything you donate is being used for ATR Gamers only, and not to pad anyone's personal bank account.

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    • For ATRLAN 2017 we've chosen the mod pack FTB Beyond for additional blocks and support of 1.10. The theme goal this year will be Sci-Fi. In addition voting this year will be done by other LAN goes, so build to impress!    Installing FTB Beyond - Minecraft ModPack   The best way to install FTB Beyond is with the Twitch Desktop App, available for download here. Once Installed, Launch and Login with your Twitch or Curse Account. In the Lower, Left click the gear Icon On the Left, Click Minecraft Enable 'Mod Management', Yes Enable Minecraft. Once back to the Main Menu, Click Minecraft on the Left Click Install Once you're on the 'No profiles currently installed' option, Click Browse FTB Modpacks. Click 'Install' on FTB Beyond. Now Click Play!   Joining the Server Ensure that your Minecraft username is your ATR Gamers profile. Connect to 'lan.atrcraft.com'
    • Not the best picture, but here is the first floor of the Horde.
    • Alt - Prnt Scrn, or F12 for Steam.
    • I don't know how to take in game pictures yet (i'm bad, i know) however, the Scorpion horde has started. I am only taming lvl 115+. Got 2 150's last night. Should be interesting, this whole center island thing has a massive cave system in it before it opens up into shark infested waters (which scare the shit out of me btw). So if there is anyone on The Center map and you need Metal, come and get it, just be ware of the high lvl monsters that inhabit my area.   (multi topic post, i'm tired, leave me alone).