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  • ATRLAN Minecraft Server Online!

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      Only one week until ATRLAN, if you haven't gotten your seat already there are still some tickets available Here


      At this time the Minecraft Server for our Creative competition is live, anyone who has purchased an ATRLAN ticket & has their Minecraft username in their profile will have access to the server.


      ATRLAN Minecraft Redstone Project Competition

      • Best Redstone Project.
      • Creative Mode.
      • You can build anything you want in the time frame, as long as it contains at least One Redstone function.
      • Competition Starts NOW!
      • Competition Ends on Sunday April 10th at Noon.


      You can join the server by connecting your Minecraft 1.9.2 client to - atrcraft.com. You can also view the world in our Dynamic map on http://www.atrcraft.com.

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  • 1CB (1st Chairborne) vs FPS Pre-Season Week 2

    • Thanks to all made it out last night. We had a great time defeating FPS in a landslide. Teamwork and strategy were great and being a team that is new to competitive game play we still did very well! For those who were not there, in CCS we have to play two maps with two rounds each on 300 tickets. The results were as follows:


      Siege of Shanghai

      Round 1

      1CB: 193 - FPS: 0


      Round 2

      1CB: 277 - FPS: 0



      1CB: 470 - FPS: 0


      Round 1

      1CB: 174 - FPS: 0


      Round 2

      1CB: 231 - FPS: 0



      1CB: 405 - FPS: 0



      1CB: 875 - FPS: 0


      We still have some room for improvement. Our next match will be on March 30th at 9:pm EST against Verta in week 1 of the real season. Maps will be Zavod 311 and Golmud Railway. Their team is very skilled, most have well over 2 KDR, and will be a tough opponent. We will need to step up our game in order to come out the victors!


      If you are interested in being on our team just get with me, we have room for substitutes. 

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  • ATRLAN in less then a Month!

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      ATRLAN is less than a month away! As we get everything packed up and ready for the LAN, we want to ensure you have everything you need to be ready on April 8th.

      • Tickets move fast in the month leading up to the LAN, make your reservation soon to ensure you have a seat! [ Reserve Seat
      • Additional Raffle Tickets can be purchased, both on our site and at the door. [ Purchase Tickets ]
      • If you'd like to have a case of Bawls available for you when you arrive, the deadline for ordering is the 18th [ Pre-order Bawls ]



      We continue to fine tune the tournament information for ATRLAN. You can see all the tournament information at https://www.atrgamers.com/tournaments/tournament_list/. If you have any questions or suggestions please let us know. 



      We would like to thank all of our great sponsors for all the help and items they have provided our event with.

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  • Changes - Support

    • We are implementing some changes due to the past months performance on server population and donations. Up through January both have been steady and within our operating costs. This month has shown a massive drop of people on  TeamSpeak, helping populate, seeding and in donations. Present costs are roughly $600/month, for February we are standing at just $255 in donations which is our worse month ever. We did have some surplus last month and enough in the bank to get us by an additional month as a last resort.


      So looking at reasons as to why this may be, many indications are people are tired of popping, too many servers. Will have a great night, and then the next night if we're off to a slow start, people disappear fast.


      As a result we've decided to go from 8 servers to 5 servers, cutting 140+ slots. (We had 5 conquest, we cut 3 and now have 2 conquest plus 3 other modes) This doesn't do much to our operating costs (saves $50), but it does reduce the work our players have to do. The intention here is to allow us to get the servers popped more quickly, and allow us to get back to having fun. The additional benefit of this is we have increased the tickrate on all the servers, so that they are at least 40hz, and two of them are 60hz improving game play.


      Last but not least the hope is with the servers getting popped sooner, more people will want to chip in for VIP or sponsor servers to get us back up and over the minimum operating costs, which those overages come back to you all in the form of prizes.


      We are exploring other areas where we can reduce costs, primarily with our admin system but the bottom line is we need to see improvement on support in March if we're to continue offering the Battlefield, ARK, Minecraft, CS:GO and other servers/services we provide. 

      So to those who contribute, thank you for your support. To those who don't, we can use your help.


      To be clear we aren't threatening to shut everything down over one poor month. This group has been going strong for over 6 years, and the Battlefield group has been amazing since becoming part of ATR in May. Regardless of donations there will always be a place for us to gather and be silly. Lets come together and end this month strong, make March awesome and be sure to be on for the meeting and C4 event on Sunday the 28th!



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  • ATRLAN Welcomes Gunnar as a Sponsor!

    • ATR Gamers would like to welcome GUNNAR Optiks as a sponsor for ATRLAN. As well as sending us a few pairs of their...

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      Friday, February 19, 2016
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  • ATRLAN Welcomes OCZ as a Sponsor!

    • ATR Gamers would like to welcome OCZ Storage Solutions as a sponsor of ATRLAN. OCZ is another new sponsor for us this...

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      ATR Gamers


      Monday, February 15, 2016
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