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    ATR Gamers is a registered not for profit organization. All donations go to the cost of running our servers, websites, TeamSpeak, admin tools and events. We are officially recognized by the IRS as a 501 (c) (7) Social Club. You can trust that anything you donate is being used for ATR Gamers only, and not to pad anyone's personal bank account.

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    • This guy sucks, he tried to kill my panther Aziz.
    • Goonies is kool played  pug with  him  thunbs up
    • This is my long time IRL friend Ted. He just recently got a laptop that can run some games so hes been branching out and playing some with us. He's been in TS playing a few games for a while and would fit in well. 
    • Tell us a little about yourself.:
      DM a D&D group with Gromn, Pika, Ghost, Hauclirr and sometimes dan. I've also started playing HOTS and playerunknown witha few other people like Varibash and Gump

      Why do you think ATR Gamers would be a good fit for you?:

      I like the community and would continue to play more games with the people I've met so far and branch out to other games

      Are you over the age of 17?: Yes
      What is your timezone?: eastern
      Who, if anyone, referred you to ATR Gamers?:  Gromn, Nerita
      Battlefield 4: 
      Battlefield Hardline: 
      World of Warcraft: 
      Grand Theft Auto V: 
      League of Legends:
      Diablo 3:
      Planetside 2:
      What other games do you play?:
      Hots, Hearthstone, Overwatch, PUBG, CIV 5/6

      What clans, guilds, or communities are / have you been part of?:

      Are you still with them? If not why did you leave?:

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